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Signs are important for every event. Announce your event to your guests, where their table is, and who will join them. They'll help explain what you want them to do, such as card boxes, "unplugged Ceremony", welcome, signature cocktail, directional, table, guest book, what to expect, dessert table...

or whatever you can dream up.

We have many unique ways to build each sign, from simple to complex, we're here to help you make your event exceptional. Each sign comes with a basic easel, they can be your choice of sizes and can rest on the floor for a large sign or on a table for a smaller sign.

Acrylic signs can be painted on the back and lettered on the front, or they can be clear or frosted

Icon Welcom sign.png

Wood signs come in bright white, or can be painted any color you choose. Lettering can be in any font options.

Unplugged Ceremony.png

Our Acrylic or wood backgrounds can fit in a wood frame for a touch of elegance.

Ishmale mirror.png

We Have several to choose from.

Glass frame sign_edited.jpg

Glass framed signs can be a clean and elegant way to showcase your event.

Sig Cocktails.png

What's a wedding without sharing your favorite cocktails with your guests.

Basic tall icon.png

A basic easel is included when ordering a sign, this includes tall and table top.

Copper Hanging sign.png

Copper can add an elegant earthy feel to any sign. This sign stand is sturdy, and can complement your event. 


If your interested in enhancing your sign, we have some fancy easels available for rent.

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