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Painted Wood

Sometimes simple can be elegant. A crisp clean piece of 1/4 inch birch plywood painted white with black lettering can be a bold way to greet your guests as they enter your venue. It is also budget-friendly. 

The plywood can also be painted any color you like, give us a color swatch from a local hardware store, choose your fonts and words and we'll build you whatever you like. 

This sign can also be wrapped in a simple frame or, if you have a frame we can place it inside. 

Every sign includes a simple easel, or choose a premium easel, or bring one of your own. Each painted wood sign will be yours to keep. They are all designed from a new piece of birch. 

Here's how it works.
  1. Choose a size.

  2. Choose a font that works with your style.

  3. Includes Up to 5 lines.

  4. Choose your color for the text.

  5. Choose a background color.

  6. Submit a color or fabric swatch to paint your background. $20 + paint cost.**

Size Choices


Pricing begins at*

                                          Begins @:

  1. 12" x 18"         1/4 inch Birch   $29

  2. 16" x 24"        1/4 inch Birch   $39

  3. 20" x 24"       1/4 inch Birch   $59

  4. 24" x 36"       1/4 inch Birch   $89

  5. Custom size  1/4 inch Birch $.?

Let's get your party booked!

See our quote for more details.

* Pricing varies depending on the quantity of items selected; some discounts may apply.

** Paint pricing varies depending on the quantity of items selected and the quality of paint chosen.

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