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Does Party Arch Deliver my rentals to me?

Yes! Party Arch delivers the rentals and picks them up once a date is agreed upon. We work with your schedule on the day of the event so that everything is stress-free for you!

How do I know what the rentals will look like?

Party Arch sends a rendering of the rentals for your approval with the quote. Once everything is approved, we send the contract to be signed so that the designs are locked in for your date. 

How do I lock in my date? 

Inquire with the inquiry questionnaire to make sure we are available for your date. Once the date is approved, we'll send a form for you to fill out to get a good idea of the designs and rentals you're interested in booking. We work together to finalize the details and once it's perfect we'll have you sign the rental agreement. Then you're booked and we get to constructing!

How do I pick out my colors and fonts?

We found that the easiest way for you to pick the paint colors would be to run to your closest hardware store and pick out a paint swatch. In the form, you'll write the paint swatch # and color or take a picture and we're then able to go and grab it. We do it this way so that there is no surprises on coloring and you get exactly what you want! We have a wide variety of fonts to choose from, some are listed on the form. If you prefer a different font, let us know and we'll see if we can find it! 

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