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Custom Lettering

Custom lettering gives your event a personal touch. It is a must-add-on. When placed high on a seven or eight-foot board it's a great backdrop for a photo op. Give your guests the chance to share your event with the world.

Custom lettering is also a great way to add a phrase to a Chiara Board accent piece that stands 3-4 feet off the ground. When paired with a main Chiara Board it can help tell your story. 

Black lettering on a white background can offer a clean bold look, or paint them any color that matches your event.

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We have a few exceptional fonts that can express your style elegantly. The text size will be large enough so your guests will see it from any distance inside or outside your venue.

The examples you see are the most popular, but if you have a font you're interested in, let us know on the client submission form at the bottom.

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