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Seating Chart


You can choose any of the Chiara boards to make a seating chart, they can stand alone or be a great centerpiece to build upon.


They are great to add additional features, like an LED light, balloons, or flowers of your choice.

You can list your guest's names alphabetically, or by table. When listed by table each table list will be in alphabetical order, it's easier to locate a name quickly avoiding a crowd at the seating chart.

The number of boards varies depending on the size of your event, and the number of guests. We can discuss the requirements after an inquiry form has been submitted.


The standard color is bright white, or you can choose a color to match your event. We can paint it any color you choose. Just give us a paint swatch from any hardware store and we'll buy the paint. Pricing varies on the quality of the paint.** 

They stand from 5 feet to 8 feet tall and are 24", 36", and 48" wide.

Each board will be patched, sanded, and painted to give you the perfect look. They have a sturdy base that includes a weight to keep them upright.

Seating Charts are a perfect way to display the seating chart in an aesthetic way for photos and social sharing. Your guests will love to share your event with the world.

Main pieces begin at *    5ft  to 8ft starting at $299

The image was borrowed from the web.

Everything is customizable, and if you're looking for a perfect look, Party Arch can build it for you.

Let's Get Your Party Booked!

See our quote for more details.

* Pricing varies depending on the quantity of items selected; some discounts may apply.

** Paint pricing varies depending on the quantity of items selected and the quality of paint chosen.

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