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Small Crescent Top

Small Cresant LH RH icon.png

The Small Crescent Top can stand alone or be a great centerpiece to build upon.


They are great for adding features, like a vinyl message, an LED light, balloons, or flowers of your choice.


The standard color is bright white, or you can choose a color to match your event. We can paint it any color you choose. Just give us a paint swatch from any hardware store and we'll buy the paint. Pricing varies on the quality of the paint.** 

They stand from 3 feet to 8 feet tall and are 24", 36", and 48" wide.

Each board will be patched, sanded, and painted to give you the perfect look. They have a sturdy base that includes a weight to keep them upright.

Chiara Boards are perfect for Instagram and social sharing. Your guests will love to share your event with the world.

Main pieces begin at *    5ft $70    6ft $80    7ft $90    8ft $100

Accent pieces:    3ft $40    4ft $50

Everything is customizable, and if you're looking for a perfect look Party Arch can build it for you.

Let's Get Your Party Booked!

See our quote for more details.

* Pricing varies depending on the quantity of items selected; some discounts may apply.

** Paint pricing varies depending on the quantity of items selected and the quality of paint chosen.

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