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Crescent Arches 

Crescent Arches.png

The Crescent Archs can make a a great centerpiece to stand next to, or an accent piece.


They are great to add features, like balloons, or flowers of your choice.


The Crescent Arches are a gold tubular shape that supports any flowers you choose.

They stand 8 feet tall, are 8 feet wide at the base, and come with a weight to keep them upright.

All of our arches are ripe for Instagram and social sharing. Your guests will love to share your event with the world

The Crescent Arche pieces begin at 8ft $50

Everything is customizable, and if your looking for a perfect look Party Arch can build it for you.

Let's Get Your Party Booked!

See our quote for more details.

* Pricing varies depending on the quantity of items selected; some discounts may apply.

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